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  • Street fishing - fabulous rod
    17 August 2017 by Daniel Sikora, in Articles
    Street fishing - fabulous rod
    The calendar year 2016 and the fishing season is over. Very important equipment item appeared just in December. During the last days of December I received from my friend Waldek Ptak new spinning...
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  • Equipment for perch
    16 August 2017 by Jacek Gorny, in Articles
    Equipment for perch
    In Ireland apart from great pike, salmon and trout fisheries we have also nice perch fisheries. You can catch here several hundred perch a day, all in good sizes. You can find 50+ fish. Not many...
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  • Okavango Bream classic 2017
    09 August 2017 by Warren Fourie, in Articles
    Okavango Bream classic 2017
    It was the annual Okavango bream classic 2017 - Botswana and Team Dragon South Africa was making the long journey of 1400km(17hrs) towing our new boat of a Ruffnek Tornado, fitted with the new...
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