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  • 08 02 2016 Articles

    CF - X CROSSFORCE - first attempt

    Most of the days during the end of December have one name for me: river. Every free moment,…
    Rafał Reiter 4
  • 04 02 2016 Articles

    Team Dragon backpack

    Colour refreshment of our Team Dragon bags and cases was a chance to take a look at eventual…
    Waldemar Ptak 31
  • 02 06 2015 Articles

    Vertical rod

    The spring has brought the revival of nature, but also the closed season for most predator fish species.…
    Daniel Makai 934
  • 21 05 2015 Articles

    Guide Pro Vision

    The most beautiful time in the calendar of every spinning angler has come. Night frost, morning and evening…
    DRAGON 1104
  • 15 04 2015 Articles

    Dragon's sea trout lures

    Sea trout may be deep or shallow in the river. Nobody knows that, when comes fishing. It occurs…
    DRAGON 1271
  • 03 04 2015 Articles

    "Vertical" spinning

    Fishing for favourite fish starts when planning the purchase of the fishing equipment – which will help on…
    Waldemar Ptak 1183
  • 18 02 2015 Articles

    Dragon HM-X Warrior

    Throughout the entire season of 2014, I was given the opportunity to test a rod named HM-X Warrior…
    Jacek Gorny 1364
  • 18 02 2015 Articles

    Dragon Specialist Pro Stream

    An intense one-day Irish test This year’s salmon season was one of the weakest in history-that’s what the…
    Tomasz Ekert 1077
  • 27 01 2015 Articles

    Pikes on V-lures

    This should have been a report about fishing pike by trolling from deep water, but the fish decided…
    Tomasz Kurman 922
  • 27 01 2015 Articles

    Company's cods

    The expedition to hunt cods is an adventure. The endless landscape, unceasing waves, different scents, the variety of…
    Waldemar Ptak 1034


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