• 19 07 2016 Articles

    Jig head simple choice?

    The day is rising I am leading the lure which is jumping on the bottom, I can feel…
    Rafał Reiter 317
  • 21 04 2016 Articles

    New FastCast CXT

    I like meeting new things. Maybe not always and not everywhere, so I will precise it: I like…
    Sławek Kurzyński 450
  • 12 04 2016 Articles

    MEGA BAITS Combat Power Match

    Summer fishing is something enjoyable. The view of dissapearing float and nice weight at the end of the…
    Marcin Kostera 356
  • 01 04 2016 Articles

    Trout’s offers

    Since few seasons I was thinking about smaller and lighter rod for trout. I realy like my old…
    Dariusz Mrongas 452
  • 25 03 2016 Articles

    NanoPOWER stays with me

    I can feel my vibrating mobile phone, I answear the phone and I can hear Waldek’s voice: “…
    Adrian Polakowski 446
  • 17 03 2016 Articles

    Specialist FD 1030i surprised me.

    Choosing equipment, especially rod and reel I pay close attention to make everything fit together. There is small…
    Krzysztof Kriss Tonder 301
  • 14 03 2016 Articles

    It bent the treble and I chose Frisky. Who was to blame?

    New Year has different associations for each fisherman. One of them are looking for an ice to fish…
    Sławek Kurzyński 316
  • 04 03 2016 Articles

    MS - X for trouts

    The trout season has started and I can meet my friends over the water. I really wanted to…
    Arek Maćkiewicz 359
  • 18 02 2016 Articles

    Team Dragon Voyager Salmon

    Modern fisherman is very mobile. Very often his mean of transport to the fishery is not a car,…
    Tomasz Ekert 578
  • 11 02 2016 Articles

    Lake perch

    I work on the article about winter fishing for perch, that is why every free moment I spend…
    Piotr Czerwiński 446


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