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  • 30 12 2014 Articles

    Predator in PRO version.

    Since the moment when Dragon Reno Killers were launched on the market, we could observe a kind of…
    J. Babiak, M. Zacharek 139
  • 03 12 2014 Articles

    Fishmaker t.w. 3 – 18 on perch.

    On Sunday I went to fish for perch with my close friend Robert and Waldemar Ptak from Dragon…
    Rafał Kowalski 204
  • 03 12 2014 Articles

    X-treme jig line – my first impressions

    Żyłka X-Treme Jig line is very interesting offer for the enthusiasts of perch and zander spinning with using…
    Piotr Czerwiński 185
  • 30 04 2014 Articles

    Fishing for wild carp

    I have already chosen the reservoir. Now I need to start sounding the fishery. If on a given…
    Marek Wiśniewski 1014
  • 16 04 2014 Articles

    World Predator Classic

    Wim and Arno van Vliet, also known as "De Vlieto's", will compete in the WPC in 2014. These…
    DRAGON 758
  • 30 03 2014 Articles

    Ireland - first trout!

    15 February in Ireland we started the trout season on lakes. Despite cold water, the fish “are good”…
    Jacek Gorny 624
  • 20 03 2014 Articles

    Trout fishing with soft baits

    Not so long after finishing 2013 season we started to think with our friends what to choose: sea…
    Daniel Sikora 690
  • 17 03 2014 Articles

    Gummy Jerk

    Once in a while the new bait comes out into the market. Sometimes it is far away from…
    Jacek Gorny 1097
  • 14 01 2014 Articles

    NEWS 2014

    Rods For 2014 season we offer two totally new series: Nano Lite XT80C and Nano Power XT40P. In…
    DRAGON 2603
  • 19 12 2013 Articles

    Rid yourself, pike…

    During conversations many anglers say that they unhook the pikes in the water , without touching them by…
    Waldemar Ptak 1472


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