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Title Author Hits
New FastCast CXT Written by Sławek Kurzyński 2016
MEGA BAITS Combat Power Match Written by Marcin Kostera 1738
Trout’s offers Written by Dariusz Mrongas 2014
NanoPOWER stays with me Written by Adrian Polakowski 2012
Specialist FD 1030i surprised me. Written by Krzysztof Kriss Tonder 957
It bent the treble and I chose Frisky. Who was to blame? Written by Sławek Kurzyński 910
MS - X for trouts Written by Arek Maćkiewicz 1043
Team Dragon Voyager Salmon Written by Tomasz Ekert 2234
Lake perch Written by Piotr Czerwiński 1079
CF - X CROSSFORCE - first attempt Written by Rafał Reiter 1503