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Trolling an Art in its own Right

Trolling! An age old technique that certainly differs opinions amongst some of the more modern Casting enthusiast’s….

A popular method, trolling has been around since Men first stepped into a boat with rod & line. Whatever your opinion is you simply can not ignore just how deadly and effective this method can be. Over the year’s technology has improved adding to the proficiency of this method, long gone are the days were you simply cast off the back of the boat and drive around in search of a bite. While this will still catch you fish there is still so much more to add to improve your fishing.

lnline rods with internal guidesA series of four trolling rods, designed for salmon and seatrout anglersAll Trolling Master rods are equipped with special butt-end for use with fighting belt.Selection of lengths 2.45m - 2.60mslow action for fishing with planers or simple set with lure and weight

Some Anglers have taken it to a whole new level. Throw in high tech Sonar equipment to help follow contours, depths and fish shoals, along with high end electric engines for a silent approach and of course planer boards which enable the anglers to use multiple rods at the same time, Trolling has become an effective tool for any predator Angler. For the past few seasons it’s something I have tried to add to my armoury, while at times it can be very frustrating seeing that rod slam round from the take from a large Pike is exhilarating. For this I equipped myself with the Dragon Trolling Master Inline Planer rods, at first glimpse these rods will certainly take you by surprise as their resemblance being closer to a Snooker cue than a fishing rod… Appearances can be deceiving and over time I learned just how effective these rods can be. The Inline in the name gives a clue as to the style of this outfit, with no eyes attached to the rod the line is designed to travel up through the centre and exit from the top, this design helps to avoid the line getting caught around the eyes as the Planers take the line to an unfamiliar angle. Originally designed for trolling in the Sea for Salmon however these versatile rods can be adapted for other species, in my case I have been targeting Pike! Teamed up with the Dragon Planers I have been putting this outfit to work on lough Erne for the last 6 months with some great success! Granted it took me a few sessions to adjust it to how I wanted but once the formula was cracked my catch rate hugely improved.

Simon Gibson
Team Dragon Ireland