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Lake Sibbo and V-lures is a great Concept.

The last week i was wisiting Lake Sibbo in Sweden. It's a lake that contains big perch, pike and zanders.

The everage weight for Zander is 3-5kg so my choice of rod this time for the little bit more heavier heads and bigger Soft baits. Is the G.P Concept spinn 60MH rod. I fish with the Dragon V-lures and at the same time you cast out a lunatic 12.5-15cm with a 15-25g V-point jighead you feel how easy and light the rod feels. Even if its a 40-60g weight rod you get blown by the sensitivity. If the jighead hits mud or stone when your jigging you feel it directly upp in your arm. And thats a very important thing when you jigging for zanders.
And you can imagine how well the strikes feels. Goosepumps is the right Word. Its also a slim, fast and very strong rod thats makes it easier to set the hook when the fish strikes. I had some wonderful days and the equipment helpt me to have great fishing. So the next time i will fish after big zanders my choies will be the G.P Concept 60MH rod, Dragon V-lures and the Dragon V-point Jig Heads.

Hard Lines / Johan