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Big Perch time

It’s raining and the clouds are heavy, not the best weather for perch fishing most people believe. But it doesn’t mather. I’m happy in my mind because today is the first day this year im fishing for perch.

All was set up and me and my friends Jonas took my boat to area. (South East in Sweden) We started to drift slow with the electric engine. Its really shallow where we fish. Between 1-1.5m.

I started to fish with the lunatic 10cm and a 7.5g 4/0 Classic jig head. And on the third cast i had a really big fat perch. And after a few more minutes the second perch is in the boat and it was over 1700g. Woow i was so happy.

We manage to find the perch at once. I fish with the light, strong and sensitive Dragon Nano Core. Its like an extension of the arm. Even when the jig is laying on the bottom and the perch is sucking it in you feel it. And the strength in the rod making you set the hook really effective.

The first hours runs past really Quick. We are having a blast and the fishing are amazing. One big fat perch after another are biting like crazy on my Dragon V-lures. Top three baits today was Chucky 8.5cm, Lunatic 8.5cm and 10cm and Mamba II 8.5cm.

When the day is over we can almost not believe how good fishing we just had. 58 perch, 8 over 1600g, average weight of 1400g and in top a new personal best for me at 48cm and 1900g.

Tight lines
Johan Bjelkendal