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As the winter starts to fade into a memory, the warm breath of Spring slides in out of nowhere. This is one of my most anticipated times of the year, especially after a long bitter cold winter chasing big Pike the thought of a new quarry excites me.

The 1st of March signals the opening day for Trout on our wild Irish Waters, Brown Trout must be my favourite fish to catch on a lure, with their ferocious nature they will smash lures in shallow clear water and their unwillingness to never come to the net without first trying to shake the hooks out as much as possible. Its these moments that get us out of bed to come and try to catch these fish.

Now I’m fortunate enough to have some great trout Rivers on my doorstep and even though its only something I will do for a few months of the year I really do love this type of fishing. The Rivers are abundant with Brown Trout and small minnows for them to feed on. Brown Trout are the only Native trout to Ireland, for Rainbow Trout etc you must visit some of the many stocked fisheries that available here.
For targeting these fish, you must come prepared, these delicate creatures require a delicate approach, simply put using a heavy rod and line is a no go. In these small rivers and streams you must scale down your equipment.
Rods should be kept around 7-10g max, A small 1500 size reel and 3-4lb mainline and a lighter Flurocarbon leader. Typical lures will be wobblers, spinners, spoons and soft plastics. Currently I have been using the MS-X Microspecial, 198cm 1-10g. this outfit is perfectly designed for this style of close combat fishing, it’s the perfect length for casting under low hanging trees to get into those more desirable looking spots, its super light frame makes casting a dream and with a sensitive tip it makes bite indication so much easier. Dragon have again gone above and beyond with their design on this Rod, it has wonderful sleek dark brown colour with a black and gold handle, it really is a fantastic looking rod. This Rod is a fine piece for any light lure Angler to have in their armoury, if you want excellent results in your fishing you must use top of the range equipment and this ticks that box, the MS-X Microspecial has the look and feel of a Rod five times its value and to me is as good as any rod on the current market for the money.

DRAGON’s main assumptions of this series are:

  • diversity of action - from medium slow to extra fast;
  • slender blanks with quite thick walls, but with the internal hole smaller than normally;
  • easiness to cast light and medium-heavy lures;
  • complete deflection under load, giving confident pulling on with a very small percentage of fish being lost;

The CXT series finishing components are:

  • Fuji Alconite K-Series (FC-X, SF-X, MS-X) and SiC (LC-X, CF-X) guides;
  • Fuji PTS and TVS reel seats in the FC-X series and IPS and PTS type seats in other series
  • the so-called rubber cork - a very durable material combining cork and hard rubber
  • highest class EVA hard foam
  • aluminium, anodal elements of the handle Dragon CXT Spin MicroSpecial MS-X The series which offers a set of rods for perch, chub, ide, trout in small and medium rivers or from a boat.

CXT Spinning MicroSpecial MS-X 1.90m 1-10g Length: 1.90m Casting weight: 1-10g Transport length: 99cm Sections: 2
CXT Spinning MicroSpecial MS-X 2.13m 1-10g Length: 2.13m Casting weight: 1-10g Transport length: 110cm Sections: 2
CXT Spinning MicroSpecial MS-X 1.98m 1.5-12g Length: 1.98m Casting weight: 1.5-12g Transport length: 102cm Sections: 2
CXT Spinning MicroSpecial MS-X 2.13m 2-14g Length: 2.13m Casting weight: 2-14g Transport length: 110cm Sections: 2
CXT Spinning MicroSpecial MS-X 2.28m 2.5-16g Length: 2.28m Casting weight: 2.5-16g Transport length: 117cm Sections: 2
CXT Spinning MicroSpecial MS-X 2.44m 3-18g Length: 2.44m Casting weight: 3-18g Transport length: 126cm Sections: 2

Simon Gibson
Team Dragon Ireland