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STEALTH is a nice machine for good money

I will tell you briefly about the reel which gives me a lot of fun while using. This is the reel for anglers who want to have very good equipment for reasonable money.

February is a good month to shop around to find a new reel. It is worth investing in good reel, because you can gain not only satisfaction from new toy and also confidence of action on the fishery and reliability of the equipment while critical moments of fishing: fight and landing of brave fish.
In February and March lots of new equipment will occur on shops’ shelves with lots of new things, but I prefer my “ old” one, what is a new thing from 2018, named Fishmaker II STEALTH. I encourage you to get interested in this reel.

Fishmaker II is 20% wider spool, 30% further castings, 100% bigger friction surfaces of the brake. On the basic of such a reel, Fishmaker II STEALTH FD was made. Size 30, weight 292g, brake power 5kg.   STEALTH is characterized by really good functional values because it is exactly known and appreciated Fishmaker II. What is Fishmaker famous for? For durability of gearing, great ratio 1: 4.4 what is good when spinning for asp. I have known Fishmakers for years that is why I want to recommend it ( as the owner and user ). So far I have been using it mainly when fishing for perch and pike from a boat but in a couple of days I will take it by the river with trout.
How it differs from Fishmaker? For some the difference is not significant, for others the difference is huge. I tested STEALTH and I still want to use it on my fisheries. For me, this version of Fishmaker ( cheaper one ) is very attractive for many anglers, and you should take opportunity from this Dragon’s offer because we do not risk anything. You should remember that Dragon’s reels are covered by 5 - year warranty period.

While writing this article, Dragon’s reels from Fishmaker family are my main choice and they have never let me down. Taking it into consideration, I recommend STEALTH FD.

Daniel Sikora