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MicroSpecial trouts

It would seem that ultralight fishing, so popular for years, went to the defensive. We have convinced ourselves to heavy sets and we are not so afraid of using big lures.

There are situations when using delicate, even dainty set is justified, but also when fishing for trouts famous from its bravery?

CXT MS - X are two - parts, spinning rods. From the moment they were launched on the market they have gained a name of a hit. Great parameters in good price. Recommendation: series which offers set of rods for perch, chub, ide and trout in small or medium rivers, or from a boat. in 2019 the series have increased by three models: 1.98m, t.w. 0.5 -  6g ( MS action ), 1.98m, t.w. 0.5 -  8g ( MS action ), 1.83m, t.w. 2.5 - 16g ( MF action ).

It is very difficult to describe a set which can be taken for trout. Anglers from Pomerania would probably burst into laugh, when they saw my set , but usually finding the fish which is 35 + makes my trip successful and the one with length of 40 cm has to be noted in the callendar.

MS - X to 10g

For such small fish which I look for in small rivers, the most delicate one from Dragon CXT MS - X Micro Special, length 1.9 m and 10 m is enough for me. The rod is as light as a feather and it bends almost to the handle, but thanks to its elasticity even after dynamic swing it comes back to normal position. It has got very short handle thanks that it can be operated with one hand without any problems and it gives subtle movements while leading small wobblers with not big rudder, jigs or soft lures. Giving them proper action requires a lot of precision, sensitive blank and finishing the handle with stiff foam guarantee transmission of the smallest vibration to angler’s hand. The power of the blank is enough to place a tip without barb into fish’s flesh and its true colours the rod shows after hook set. If only the weather is good, I fish with invisible in water, thin Invisible Braid.


You cannot screw big and heavy reel on such a sensitive rod. I chose the smallest one, which is Nano Lite The whole is completed by snell from fluocarbon and small Spinn Lock. Such a set would be good for many anglers when fishing for rudd but I am not afraid when it meets the “ king of the stream “ . The lightness and sensitivity of the rod let you fish for many hours without feeling tired.

Hybrid reels, designed specially for light spinning, equipped with very innovative, very flat spool and ultra light, graphite handle, which connects duraluminum with graphite. The construction was made according to so called “ V “ concept. Body and rotor of the reel are made from ultralight graphite XT60C material, with a structure based on lengthened and highly processed carbon fibers. It allows to reduce the weight of the reel .INVISIBLE BRAID - is another product for Dragon which is made by Japanese Toray company. It is made in High Clarity Process technology what allows to get optical features similar to copolymer ones, thanks to that it is almost invisible in water. Perfect surface smoothness allows to easy, fur and precise castings. Dragon Invisible braid has the effect of 100% transparency only during contact with water.Pas biodrowy STREET FISHING (nr kat. 98-14-000).STREET FISHING hip belt ( catalogue number 98 - 14 - 000)TEAM DRAGON  hip belt ( catalogue number 96 - 14 - 002 )  is a great offer for spinning and fly anglers who do not have to take a lot of equipment with them on a fishery. It can also be a supplement for fishing vest. Strong belt  with an option of adjusting the size and the newest kind of buckle with three -  points clasping, they all give 100% of confidence  that we will not lose the belt. Sizes ( length/width/ height ) 56 x 7 x 20cm. Weight: 450g.

Micro Special’s short handle allows you to fish with one hand, all those acrobatics, precise castings from underneath or training with your decoy just between hanging branches - all of those things are much more easier and possible thanks to proper set and elasticity of the blank, on which the rod was built. Not one angler chooses trout set which with its power allows to think about winning meeting with bravery bull- trout. But when you cannot find any big fish in your waters and the conditions allows to slightly “ slim down “ given elements of your equipment , I really recommend that. Do it to the level which guarantees fast fight with no harm to caught fish, but to gain great satisfaction and fun from lots of fish in your fishing net.

Kamil Zaczkiewicz