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Okavango Bream classic 2017

It was the annual Okavango bream classic 2017 - Botswana and Team Dragon South Africa was making the long journey of 1400km(17hrs) towing our new boat of a Ruffnek Tornado, fitted with the new Suzuki 250SS.

The journey started 2am on Thursday morning, to get to the border for 6am. Then once we cleared the border, we were en route to get to Shakawe River Lodge(another 13hrs) - http://www.shakawelodge.com/ Where the competition was being held. We got the lodge, got our boat sprayed and then launched our boat. We then setup some of the dragon flags for the weigh in competition. The competition official opened the evening of the 14th July Friday. Where rules were explained in the captains meeting and team gift packs were given. Dragon had sponsored a bag of plastics, jig head, stickers and lanyard for each team. Which was very well received, the invader paddle tails were a key product to get people to try.

The competition started early with all teams ready to leave by 6:45am. The choice was up river or down river…always a fun choice at the competition. We decided up river to take Thin face bream and Humpback. Foot was put down flat and the Suzuki outboard just goes and is so quiet. I think we shocked a few crocodiles and hippos as we so quiet. So got to our 40km up river spot and I was using Dragon Nano clear 8 braided line, the CXT Superfast baitcaster rods and throwing dragon anti snag jig heads with invader plastics. Which worked like a bomb, as could throw into some rough bushes and not get stuck. We used the 2.5” and 3” dragon invaders. But the combination of light/sensitive rod with the think braid and casting to tight spots, just worked like a dream.

The morning was a success, with 2 decent Thinface and we were excited for the rest of the day. But seems that was short lived, as the afternoon fishing was dead. Just casting a lot and trying to find where the next fish was hiding. We finished the day with a 2.3kg bag. Not great but 1.5 days left to go.
The next morning we started 6:45am and decided down river we go and we went far, 100km down river and trying to find new spots to fish. A new part of the river for us, but not much success at all and had to resort to worm fishing to catch a small 3 spot bream. The rest of the day we tried, but had no luck.
The final half day, we could leave earlier 6:30am and headed back up river to target our spots again. This time doing what we did on the first day and working the bnaks. We were rewarded with 1.3kg humpback and my team member got 1.8kg humpback. That did make up for the competition. But that is all we got for the rest of the morning.
We came back excited we least got some more fish and weighed in total 6kg.
Prize giving was that evening and Dragon has sponsored 3 of the new nanolite reels for prizes. Team Dragon came 18th out of 40 teams. Was hard fishing and not for the faint hearted. The nanolite reels were given to team who finished 8thand were super impressed with the quality of the reels as a prize. There was also a few other existing dragon customers who had been fishing off the Nanolite XT80c Spinn14 rod and also using the Nano clear 8 braid and invisible braid. One customer got all 3 fish off that rod and is a fan of the sensitivity to strength on the rod. A successful fishing trip, with some great brand awareness of Dragon and the quality of its rods, reels, plastics , jig heads and plastics. A lot of interest post the products post the event and looking forward to 2018 competition.

Warren Fourie