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Hells Anglers bag

Fishing accessories are very important piece of equipment of an angler. Our comfort of fishing depends on the choice of good accessories. They can also save our time on a fishery.

Well designed bag or rucksack must fit not only additional boxes with lures or additional reel and also the things which are essential for many anglers - camera, small tripod, food supplies and mosquito repellant.

For my trips on the Odra river I used to take a rucksack, and I will tell you something this product from Hells Anglers series later. Now I want to focus on spinning bag which is with me on many fishing trips. This bag (catalogue number 95 - 09 -006) can be used according to the catalogue description or you can deprive the bag from inner compartments and boxes and treat it as hand haversack. Wide, adjustable shoulder strap provides comfort of carrying equipment even on long distance. The upper hatch of the bag causes the fact that we do not have to close it on popper, we do not have to worry that something will fell out of our bag. Underneath there is ventilated, mesh compartment. The main pocket can hold more than we need during one day trip. It is worth pointing out that thanks to upper hatch the access to our equipment is easier than in rucksack. Side pockets are perfect as a place where you can hide many things such as accessories. Front, longitudinal pocket has mesh inserts, which provide necessary air circulation, if we want to keep there wet things, such as gloves and hats. Foe me personally, this pocket is perfect for camera tripod, which I very often place in the water, mud, wet grass or sand. Apart from tripod, there is also place for a bottle of water
I tested the bag when I was fishing from a boat. It can hold several big, flat boxes. Thanks to elastic band of the bottom surface it does not move even on wet surface.

All Hells Anglers accessories have characteristic steel grey colour with orange accents. Thanks to those accents the bags are easy to recognize in coastal plants. When mentioning the details, such as colours, it is worth to mention about other nuances, which together form one whole. The materials from which the bag was made are not only strong and durably but they are easy to keep clean. All the zippers, buckles are the highest quality and I cannot remind myself any situation when I had problems with them.

Kamil Zaczkiewicz