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Spring with ELITE & KLUBOWA


During the early spring it may be difficult with “white fish” and it is mainly because of weather. Sudden rise in temperature and couple of days with above zero temperature may really stir up. Because of that fact the behavior of carps and its way of preying change and its menu may include new tibits.

P1020519 roasted hemps:  especially loved by spring roaches. They have a lot of “hoisting” properties. They raise in the water and they create a column in the water. They reinforce the smell and taste of the lure.

Deliberation, cautiousness and observation - generally in such a way “ pursuit” for spring roach or bream may be characterized.

  • Deliberation: with amount of baits, components and lures.
  • Cautiousness: the selection of smells, their kinds and the percentage.
  • Observation: conditions in the water.

Groceries vs. minerals.

P1020945 boiled hemps – selective addition for bigger carps. Perfect as lure combined with roach.P1020550 ELITE black roach : their base is the highest quality pastry. Enriched with the seeds of oil plants which provide the optimal work of the lure. The large proportion of substances which regulate digestion. The smell: herbal with a flavor of sweet.The amount and the kind of lure is very important. The participation of individual components, and their proportions are conditioned by temperature. During cold months, when the water is not hot enough , the lure should be no more then 35-45%. The rest may be filled in with clay or soil. In April we may increase the participation of consumption to 50%.

Roasted and boiled.

Hemps are certs for spring prescriptions. Boiled – selectively. They lure the specimen which prey near the bottom of the water. The half of portion may be mixed and carried in the lure. This kind of treatment will eliminate the risk of overeating of the carps. Additionally it will reinforce the smell and taste of the blend. Roasted: should be provided with sense because they influence the work of the lure and they create working column in the water. The general participation of the hemps should be about 5-15%.

Herbal and natural

The smelling base should be created around herbs. They may be influenced by different flavors, according to the diagram:

  • A. During cold months: animals flavors, eg, the flavor of bloodworm
  • B. During hot months : sweet flavors: vanilla, cream.

Herbs apart from its taste and aroma qualities favorably influence the digestive system of carps. The smells should be dispensed with sense: 5-10%.

The pinch of salt.

P1020581 hook roach – reliable when fishing during early spring. It looks the best on red or green hooks made from thin wire like Mustad 313R Limerick.TD KLUBOWA SPECIAL ROTAUGE  ROACH – based on natural herbal aromas. Enriched with smell and taste carrier. Rich in mineral and vitamins. It contains the addition of oil plants. The smell: mix of herbal smells. Colour: black.

In late March and early April the lure may be enriched with the salt. This is perfect smells carrier . 1 teaspoon for 1kg of lure.

The model prescription for spring roach and bream (lake , canal):

  1. 1 Dragon ELITE black roach lure - 1kg.
  2. 2 TD KLUBOWA SPECIAL roach – 0,5kg.
  3. 3 Roasted roaches – 150g.
  4. 4 Boiled hemps – 200g*
  5. 5 Salt – 2 teaspoon

*half should be mixed and carried on the lure + bełchatowska soil – 2kg.

Oliwia Popławska