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Spring with ELITE & KLUBOWA - Ziołowo i naturalnie


Herbal and natural

The smelling base should be created around herbs. They may be influenced by different flavors, according to the diagram:

  • A. During cold months: animals flavors, eg, the flavor of bloodworm
  • B. During hot months : sweet flavors: vanilla, cream.

Herbs apart from its taste and aroma qualities favorably influence the digestive system of carps. The smells should be dispensed with sense: 5-10%.

The pinch of salt.

P1020581 hook roach – reliable when fishing during early spring. It looks the best on red or green hooks made from thin wire like Mustad 313R Limerick.TD KLUBOWA SPECIAL ROTAUGE  ROACH – based on natural herbal aromas. Enriched with smell and taste carrier. Rich in mineral and vitamins. It contains the addition of oil plants. The smell: mix of herbal smells. Colour: black.

In late March and early April the lure may be enriched with the salt. This is perfect smells carrier . 1 teaspoon for 1kg of lure.

The model prescription for spring roach and bream (lake , canal):

  1. 1 Dragon ELITE black roach lure - 1kg.
  2. 2 TD KLUBOWA SPECIAL roach – 0,5kg.
  3. 3 Roasted roaches – 150g.
  4. 4 Boiled hemps – 200g*
  5. 5 Salt – 2 teaspoon

*half should be mixed and carried on the lure + bełchatowska soil – 2kg.

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