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Dips and activators


Bio –Enzyme activator which main ingredient is digestive enzyme extract and amino acids.  Dragon is experienced with such additions. This preparation increases the fish’s appetite, increases the metabolism, increases the flavor and smell of the lure and bait. It is not expensive and cost-efficient.

Good bait and lure matched to the fishery may tempt fish to catch in the most difficult fisheries. However there are situations when only good dip , activator or attractor may tip the balance in favor of angler.

I am far from generalizing and attributing the additions and inoculants fantastic properties but with the full trust in their effectiveness I equip myself with the batch of attractors, activators and dips which are oriented on given fish species. Those inoculants let me for very quick change of the lure and bait properties and those changes do not cost me anything. Obviously it is cheaper to buy attractor which costs 5-6zł and thanks to that attractor change the smell and the taste of the lure and also emerge fish bigger appetite rather than buying the new portion of lure in amount of 4kg plus morsels of meat, ballasting substance, gluing etc. The attractor save time and the strength of angler; it is quicker to add the attractor and mix the lure again rather than mixing new portion of lure of different taste one more time.

The purpose of dip, activator and attractor.

The dip is for modifying the taste and the smell of the bait what can be done during fishing. Attractor is for the taste or smell change of the lasting effect lure. That was the first assumption of the originators of those inoculants. However today when we have the whole range of different inoculants they may be used alternatively. However it depends from the composition and structure of the inoculant and from the type of lure and bait as well. Simply speaking : it cannot be done automatically, it should be done consciously and selectively. When those preparations are competently used the chance for good catching rises. The effectiveness of those preparations increase the use of baits and inoculants which are from one producer.

Very good liquid Mega Baits dips, perfect for carps. In practice it occurred that gingerbread dip is good for big breams, strawberry dip is good for chubs, crab dip is good for tench and vanilla one is good for barbell. It occurs that this what is good for carps should be tried out on different fish’s species. I have been using Mega Baits dips  for few years and I really recommend them.Bio- Enzyme activator, apart from odorless protein substances  has got specific taste and smell of a given species of the fish. Thanks to that property it is very good as attractor, I use it to reinforce or the taste change of the cake. On the picture there is the cake from semolina. To the hot cake I add the preparation and carefully mix the ingredients. The cake gains new flavor characteristics  and changes the colour.I do not add the powder to boiling semolina because I do not want the high temperature to impoverish  the preparation.Activator is modern type of attractor, it is the combination of flavor and smell with the effect of tasteless and odorless protein, so called enzymes. The activator increases the appetite , enhances the taste and smell of the lure because it can turn starch into simple sugar.