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Unusual catch - The real test


The real test

Words, words, words…….like Shakespeare said. Sometimes simple description may not be as clear as one concrete report from fishing, that’s why short and to the point! Not long ago, together with my pal Tadeusz I went to the river Wisla to “ flutter “ at the end of the fishing season ( to fish some zander ). It is well known that zander is capricious… . Even so we have been fishing “ not from yesterday “ that day we were not able to fish that “ cloudy eye robber “. Little disappointed when were supposed to come back home, suddenly on my “Guide Select” Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach”!!!!!extremely strong hit and immediate departure up the river. In disbelief I am holding the rod. We are observing the whole situation. I can feel that it will be something really big. After about 30 seconds the fish is slowing down. Together with my friend we start to speculate: what can it be? We conclude that catfish….. Yes, it must be catfish, because what else? Our curiosity is raising from minute to minute. The rod bended in parabola… After about 10 minutes of intensive fight, the huge silver carp comes to our eyes. With little disbelief we land, we make short commemorative photo session and we set “ little monster” free. Without doubts it was test for me and for my equipment, which won the match!

Sum up

I pay a lot of attention when choosing my equipment. Even the smallest detail means something – I am sure that a given rod will not disappoint me and will meet my expectations. It was in the case of Dragon Guide Select rod. If I have a chance, I will buy another model from that series. This time slightly lighter. It will be TINY version. At the end commemorative photo and short film from towing the rope. On that film you can see how wonderful Guide Selection is :)


Traditionally with fishing greetings:
Mateusz Lasek (Niepołomice)