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Unusual catch


Mega test for equipment

To begin with...

TołpygaAbsolutely YES! It is beautiful….. Modern design, slim merlon, divided hilt. These are the first features which I found during the first contact with the rod which I am describing.

Some time ago I decided to buy “something “ more concrete for spinning. The rod which I choosed is “ Dragon” model: Dragon Guide Select Gnom with the throwing weight 7-28 g and the length 260 cm. Despite not many internet opinions, without hesitation I decided that I must have this rod, even if it will not suit me. I fish with this rod mainly on the Wisla river and near Krakow ( Przylasek Rusiecki ).

Few facts

This what you can see immediately and may be considered by some people like a vice is the fact that this rod likes to be “ not balanced “( it should be mentioned that its weight is only 180g). It slightly goes down but everything is within normal limits. Generally it does not disturb me. On the contrary – when catching from descent I think that this is adventage. This matter should be considered by yourself. The rod’s action is extremely fast. During the moment of cutting it perfectly bends what creates perfect parabola. The merlon is fitted with the highest category Fuji grommets . What deserves our attention is the unusual trimming of the hilt and the butt. It is not covered with cork but with special, stiff graphite which should increase the sensitivity. The merlon is very sensitive itself, but when it is combined with this innovative solution and the resonance tube it gives incredible effect like so called “ kick”. When writing about Guide Select series the great power and the resistance of the rods should not be forgotten. They are really decent and neatly made rods, resistance against overloading and mechanical damage. It’s the matter of the fact that the merit has got thick sides. It is the secret of the power of that great and innovative series.