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Worm hook - c.d.



Hook number 10657 NPBLN „Carp Power” Ultra Point.

6. The hook to fish by the hair and feeder method. On the first  sight it is very similar to 60331 hook but there are differences. This is the construction of the hook: short, thicken wire 1x, finished with an eye, straight head with a splinter. It is a very good hook.7. This hook has not got the splinter on the head which supports the red worms. To keep the worms on the full length of the head I interleave red worms with white ones. Thanks to that solution red worms does not create the kind of a ball but by their weaving there are very attractive for fish. The presence of the white worms influence positively on the number of catches. That portion of worms is very good for big and strong fish such as carp, barbell ( 2,5 – 5 kg), smaller catfish or Siberian sturgeon. The hook with a small eye is very comfortable when ting the leader and the possibility for using it to freeder and hair is the perfect idea of constructors.

Hook number 10750BLN Eyed Baitholder.

Strong hook which is used in the situation when strong fish catch  really carefully. It is good when presenting big earthworms , leeches, the imitation of long worms, strips of meat or  skin. This is the construction of the hook: reinforced strength extra strong, forge,  ended with an eye, mainsail laterally bended and slightly bended over into the middle. On the shorter  handle there  are two spikes, the elbow is slightly bended and wide.  In my opinion it is ledger hook with good usefulness in lowland river and foothill river. It is good when fishing at night when we are not sure what will catch and every strong fish may be expected. Two spikes effectively hold long worm on the handle. To protect the worms from sliding down on the elbow and as the result lacking the attracting values I blocked it with soft lure.  On the picture the mainsail is visible, not covered but on the fishery worms which waves ,effectively mask the mainsail from the fish sight. When I was   putting on few worms  I punctured them only once, in 1/3 of the body length. The good place to puncture is thickened area.

The attraction of the worms on the hooks may be raised by coupling up the scrap of the colourful foil, threading bright bead, coupling up few cotton threads and of course dipping the worms. The condition of worms should be checked very often and dead ones should be removed.

Waldemar Ptak