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Worm hook - The hook is still the most important.


The hook is still the most important.

Przynętę przeznaczoną dla przeciętnej wielkości karasi i linów w każdej chwili może pochwycić medalowej wielkości lin, karaś lub karp. Właśnie w takich sytuacjach dobry haczyk pokaże, na co go stać.

I am brought up on old, well known truth ; “ Bad hook will destroy all your attempts to catch a fish” . It is very easy to imagine. It is a pity that a lot of anglers analyze the hook’s condition too late after the failure. You should not be angry, and you should not go to seller with the complaint after “ the fish of your life”. The assessment of the hook’s quality should be done in the reverse order, that means that it should be done before going to the fishery, or ever better in the shop before buying. To save yourself a lot of tests, I recommend ignoring those hooks which differ significantly with lower price. There are no miracles in production, lower price means lower quality.
Mustars hooks I have found quite long ago and since that time I am a user of them. Of course I know good hooks from other companies like Owner, Gamakatsu. All of those three companies are very good but the Mustad offer is more interesting, more extensive and it satisfies all my fancies. It offers reliable hooks on the fish from my fishery, perfectly presents the lures which I use systematically and occasionally. I really respect them because the company is on the market since 1832, the hooks have been produced for 135 years. Scandinavians still have the best steel in the world. I found few innovative solutions very useful ( Ultra Point for example), so with a real pleasure I am the owner of those hooks. I really recommend you to have the hooks from one company because thanks to that you will be able to find good and bad points of the given hooks and this knowledge will be useful in different difficult situations. I want also to mention the rod’s leader offered by Mustad for the white fish. These are ready, perfectly tied rod’s leaders, with accurately matched pairs: the size and the type of the hook – the thickness and stiffness of the rod’s leader. I use those rod’s leaders and according to me they are equal to those tied on your own. Of course the Mustad offer does not deplete all the hook- line combinations but that is perfect offer for older people, children and novice anglers. Being cautious you should have rod’s leader and hook sin your fishing bag to tie untypical leader and thanks to that adjusts the rod to the fish behavior.