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Worm hook


1. The lure for medium size crucian and tench may be caught by very big tench, crucian or carp. In such situations a good hook will show all good sides.

Catching fish depends from perfect connection of all the fish rod’s elements, not forgetting about angler’s abilities. It is true that not so long ago the way how we put a worm on the hook did not matter, the kind of the hook did not matter to, because….. fish caught.

The time has changed, the fish figured out the rules of the game and they do not want to catch every worm in a frenzy. The smallest detail such as tip which sticks out, the flash of hook in the sun, too thick or too stiff end of the fishing rod or the drooping worm – each of those examples may cause our defeat on the fishery. It is unbelievable that fish behaviour grown up such metamorphosis. Happily there are fish which we can count on no matter how serious our mistakes are: these are breams, roaches and small carps. But they are not the fish of which we dream of when we are fishing.