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Dragon Viper rods – first impressions. - Part 2.



Only the series of spinning rods ( boat jig and river jig ) have got the semi - parabolic bending. The other advantage is very resistant construction, which forgets the anglers mistakes, which in different models may lead to the damage of the rod.

During the last journey to Scandinavia, the localization of the fish was quite tough. At the beginning of the journey to quickly and effectively get to know the fishery, we used the trolling method. We used the lures, letting go on the open air. It was unlucky that during casting one of the sets, the braid got into the screw of the working engine, which resulted in the Dragon Express Jerk Cast to 60 gr, length 183 cm rod breaking. Fortunately, it turned out that on the deck we have testing Viper Ranger to 35gr, length 275 cm. It might seem that this rod is not for such tasks. In spite of all, the road was supplied with 50gr lure and went overboard. The work of the tip during leading the lures, as well as during taking was visible and the trolling of the pikes and perches was quite quick and safe. On the Mazovian part of the Bug, we faced unusual situation. During jigging the chicken sat down on the rod. For the fear that the wild chicken will peck Kamil’s hand , during landing he decided to pull almost 3 kg chicken out. Viper Pro Spinn 42, as you can see in the picture below, managed to succeed during that extreme situation. The blank of the rod was working from the butt and we had an impression that it was not the maximum strength of that rod.

That event provoked us to go with the tests to the maximum. We took the strongest Viper Pro Jerk Cast rod and we decided to check what weight would the blank bear. For the loading we used the box for beer, which was supplemented by the bottles. Not exceeding the limit angle of the rod ( above 45 ⁰ ) the rod was maximally bended with the 4.36 kg loading. This result shows that those rods are really resistant and will succeed even with the biggest predators from our waters. We think that Viper series will appeal to many anglers, not only to those who start the adventure with fishing but even to those more advanced. The wide range of applications of the rods and the good price are very encouraging. The great sensitivity of the blank should be mentioned and the freedom of leading many bites, which can be sent whenever we want. Visually the rods are very attractive, they wonderful sparkle in the sun. The components which were used perfectly cooperate and form a whole. Personally we are very satisfied with the Vipers and with clear conscience we recommend them to our clients.

The Viper series include 19 models for different methods of fishing ( the specification in the table). The prices of the rod in the shop pleciona.pl are from 168.80 to 225 zł. Especially for the users of the wedkuje.pl portal we make the promotion cod available, which is “ wedkuje-viper”. This code will enable you to buy the Viper rods in the www.pleciona.pl shop with 20% discount.