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Dragon Viper rods – first impressions.


The rods from the Dragon Express series thanks to very good price for the quality are very popular on our market. Those models just after Millenium Pike and Superfast are the best sellers in our shop. But there is the group of clients who have never decided to buy them because they are used to the split butt. For that time Dragon – in this price segment has no alternative that is why we are very happy by the fact that the producer decided to enter into sell the new series of rods. At the beginning of May we received rods from the new Dragon series for testing. All the models branded a Viper sign make a good visual impression thanks to one-piece butt, which is ended on both sides with fine – grained cork.

On each blank the brand, series and the model of rod is visible, on the opposite side the parameters of the rod are also visible. Additionally, in the top part, above the first guide there is a notice with the name and the length. All blank is covered with dark claret varnish with the exception of models which have glued tip in red colour. The varnish is smooth without any damp patches or any other flaws. As the majority of the rods from Dragon company, every Viper rod has got a handle to fasten the bait. The guides winded with red frapping are arranged on the whole length of the rods. Those which are between the butt and the first guide, in the half of their length, are decorated with gold thread , what additionally raises the prestige of the entire series of rods. All the rods from the Viper series are fast in action and during the medium loading they carry the bending towards the butt.

They are characterized by the low weight, even the models with the length to 300 cm are quite light and they do not tire out hands after the whole day of fishing. During casting they load very nice, so when fishing from the banks we are able to send the bait over long distance. During tests , our first impression was incredible sensitivity of the blanks. During fishing for pikes and perches in overgrown reeds , every tap of the anti – snag excos on the reed stick was palpable. Takings of the zanders are easily perceptible in the butt, what makes the fact that even during the moments of distraction , the smallest click is automatically responds to the notch in the pace. The hits of asps provide many impressions and raise the level of adrenaline because the strong attack of asp is carried by the blank to the human upper limb. The length of the rods for fishing from boats is optimal, because even with the maximum bait tossing we have enough power to jerk the fish . The progressive bends of the blanks cause the fact that during towing the rods “ hold” the fish properly, and with proper loading , they bend in the characteristic shape of parabola.