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Rid yourself, pike… - Enjoy your meal or No Kill?


Enjoy your meal or No Kill?

I encourage all the gourmets of the fish carcasses to release the fish consciously. Thanks to that we will not clean our fisheries out. During this occasion I want to note the fact , that commercial, the most successful fisheries forbid killing and taking away the fish in their regulations and this rule is really obeyed. I have to add here that all the pikes which are shown in the photos came back to the fishery and did not kick the bucket.

How to act with the fish

First of all you should chill your feverish head ( after the exciting towing) and for few seconds think about the way how to release the fish from the lure. This moment of thinking is enough to take the optimal actions. You should do everything to relieve the pain which the fish can feel. When we are on the boat with a friend even during fighting with the fish you should ask you companion to make some place on the boat for the fish ( putting the fish on the mat, foil or clean floor ) and then adapt the landing net, gripper or glove. If our friend helps us during difficult landing he or she will show the class worth praising and honoring with the glass of wine. When the fish is in the designated place it should be covered, for example with foil, sheet or big fishing bag. Thanks to that the fish will quickly stop throwing itself on the boat and will not hurt itself and ourselves. Remember that 90 cm pike is strong enough to break all the rods which are on the boat.