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NEWS 2014



For 2014 season we offer two totally new series: Nano Lite XT80C and Nano Power XT40P. In the first series you can find rods of total weight 1 – 10g, 3 -14g and 5 – 18g and length from 1.98 m to 2.45m and also very characteristic action. On first sight the rods can remind collage, similar impression we have when we take Nono Lite to our hands. However it is fully blank with a rather large convergence. Peaceful action and the bending almost to the handle are the continuations of our new concept which we implemented into force when designing Moderate series. The influence of new Nano rods’ action have also SIC guides on extremely light frames made from titan. The handle was made from high quality foam, so called japan style. We think that those rods will be perfect for perch, rudd, chub or trout anglers. The impressions from trolling even small fish are guaranteed. Nano Power is similar series but only in name. We created it from graphite with the higher module of resilience and the action has been accelerated and described as X – Fast. There are rods created almost like Nano Lite but earmarked for fishing for pikes and zanders (total weight 18 – 35g, 21 – 42g, 25 – 56g). Very light an d strong guides, divides, cork handler and also very light blank with high transmission – these are the features which favour Nano Power. The length will start from 1.98 m (5g model) for bank rods 2.75 m with total weight 25 – 56g. The price can be a nice surprise because it will start from 290 zł. The zander’s rods are in Moderate and X – Treme Spinn series and they supplement the offer from 2013.

Another new series is Specialist Pro, which includes 6 spinnings with a few cast weights with one model especially for multiplier (Sweeper Cast 1.98m with total weight 40 – 80g). The destination of a given model can be unraveled from a name (Asp Killer, River or Demon). The rods have got FUJI guides and handlers and also fast and strong blanks were used. One is sure, Specialist Pro rods cannot be omitted by any anglers. The name and description were marked with gold and grey paint on the pearl – white part of the butt. The black matt blank is in the great contrast with the white element and the whole makes the positive impression. The members of our display almost unanimously found that that series is very nice and they predict that it will be great success.