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World Predator Classic

Wim and Arno van Vliet, also known as "De Vlieto's", will compete in the WPC in 2014. These two brothers have been fishing almost all their lives and have both been fishing for around 40 years on serveral species but with a prefereance for predator.

The last 15 years they have been specializing in Catfish, Pike, Zander, Pearch, Seabass and Asp. They have been searching for big fish in several countries and traveled many miles to catch the biggest fish on the earth. Wim van Vliet is also known as the owner of wholesale company Mac Fishing and is distributor in the Benelux for famous brands like Dragon predator gear, Sundridge clothing, Eye level sunglasses and Geoff Anderson high end clothing. Next to these brands Mac Fishing has it's own private label belly boats and have just released a brand new design called "Mac Adventure". Supported by their main sponsor "Dragon Predator Tackle", Arno and Wim will join this competition as "TEAM DRAGON". These two brothers always enjoy their fishing with a smile in all situations but are really keen to try and get and spot on the podium!"

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