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Lunatic Pro + V – point Speed = perfect couple.

Since few years my spinning fishing, when it comes to fishing with soft lures, is mainly on Dragon lures and in 100% on V – point Speed and Speed HD heads.

The choice of different kinds of soft lures and colours is so wide that everyone will chose something for a given fishery and fish. The Dragon company accustomed me to the situation that they widen their offer and introduce more interesting innovations. That how it was this time, when new soft lures has been introduced on the market with the note “ PRO”. On first sight those lures are the same, but they are made from better material. “PRO” soft lures are more soft what make them to work better and they are in diverse colours. In some models their proportions were delicately improved. It is also important that they did not lost anything from their vitality during the contact with pike or zander; and from the fine grip on the neck of the jig head.

After Spring chasing about the trouts and zanders on June, the time for Orda comes - and what come next is heavy fishing of pikes and zanders. My attention was attracted by one soft lure which was much more efficient that the rest. I dear to say that it is made especially for fishing in the river. I am writing about new Lunatic Pro which in its older version was not the best for me. Holding this soft lure in the current of the water you have the impression as you are fishing with the wobbler with a large vibration amplitude. I should mention the tail which never stop working. That lure was just making miracles. When other anglers did not catch anything and caught only one pike I was catching few of them! That lure apart from the fact that it had contact with few pikes and was all cut it was still on the jig head and did not slide down. This lure will always be in my equipment box and should be the part of equipment for all the anglers who fish for pikes and…zanders, but about that I will write later.

BRAVO! Well done guys, I am looking forward for your new surprises.

Marcin Kotowski