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Gummy Jerk - c.d.



Idealne miejsce-do łowienia gumowymi jerkamiShogunThe set for fishing with those baits should contain strong rod ( length about 200 cm and casting weight max. to 50g ) . On the reel you should have reserve of thick, min. 0.25 mm braid. The baits weigh a little, so it want be problems with casting. The power of the set is influenced by the place where such jerkbaits are being used. After catching the big pike we must fight not only with the fish but also with the plants. Nowadays I do not part from those baits even during cold seasons, because it happens that despite cold water the fish can be found on the shallows and in such situations we must slip them under the nose something what works slowly and temptingly – rubber jerkbait itself!
I encourage all of you to check it out. I assure that it is worth!

Jacek Gorny