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Gummy Jerk


Once in a while the new bait comes out into the market. Sometimes it is far away from the principles, from the anglers’ habits that it is not easy to accustom to it. However when the bait is unusual and it is easy to catch fish on it and only because we are not 100% convinced we do not have it, why? This is the situation when the anglers who find its power are very happy… . They start to hide out from other anglers and the bait finds its place in a group of baits called : secret.

Jerky It is a pity that such situation happens… it curbs the development of fishing, and yet we all want our hobby to develop really quickly. Today I am going to share my thoughts with you about rubber jerkbaits, which in some places are top secrets. Those baits opened the way to very shallow and overgrown fisheries. Thanks to them we can with impunity throw the rod into reeds and do not worry that we will pass the rod over the stem and thanks to that we will scare away the predators. With normal jerkbait which is hard and with two anchors we cannot fish in such fisheries. Whereas rubber jerkbaits which can be with two special hooks ( swimbait type), which are hidden inside the bait, can make it without any problems. In Dragon offer we have two such baits : Jerky and Shogun - this one is characterized as a ripper but it has got all the features of a rubber jerkbait. They differ in the look and work and thanks to that we have the possibility to show one fish two different kinds of action. The chief asset of those baits is their incredible action which is confusingly similar to small fish, which is not strong enough and swims with difficulties; it makes the fish to be an easy goal in the eyes of predators. To get this kind of action is very easy. The best thing is to do some short throws and when moving the tip choose such the amplitude to our bait to revive and since that moment we should start the proper fishing. The best effect we will achieve with minimum load baits because their action works like magnet for iron ( it means on pikes). You should remember about short brakes when the bait falls slowly without movements, thus giving the signal to the predators to attack. Fishing with those baits is really spectacular, because you fish on really shallow fisheries , on which every big fish is visible on the surface of the water.