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Trout fishing with soft baits

Not so long after finishing 2013 season we started to think with our friends what to choose: sea trout or trout? After short conversation we choosed brown trout, my favourite fish.

One day during the evening conversation about where are we going to find our favourite fish and how are we going to lure the fish, my friends immediately choosed woblers. After that I started the topic about soft lures…they looked at me in a strange way and told me that at the beginning of the season you cannot catch brown trout on soft lure. I tried to prove them that it can be done. After that we did a quick bet.

What equipment should we take when we want to fish for trouts? I am going to start from rod, which has to be strong enough to fight with strong opponent: quick, clever and extremely alert brown trout. Very good rod is Dragon Moderate 2.75 m, c.w. 4-18g, Med – Fast. We put on it reel: Team Dragon FD 930iZ with braid Dragon Guide Vision 0.10mm . And now the most important soft lures Dragon V – Lures: Lunatic, Bandit, Reno Killer and Margots. I put on them Mustad 5g and Dragon V – point Speed 7.5g.

When we started fishing we did not have any catches at the beginning. The slight activeness of the brown trout could be caused (and for sure it was) by the fact that those trouts were after spawning. The other lack was the fact that water was almost transparent because of the sun – as we all know, trout not always likes that and it is more difficult to be caught.
We were going up the river, after few kilometers we achieved long straight way with slow flowing water with many felt trees. I knew that there must have been big after spawning trout resting after amorous frolics. In such place my friends with woblers could not do almost anything, because on so calm water wobbler has to be leaded very quickly to reach the bottom, and to lure leaded in such way after spawning trout will not raise. I placed myself few meters under the fallen tree, the first one was Lunatic on 5g head. I was rolling it into me and near the fallen tree in deep whole I had first nudge. I decided to change the lure on Bandit with 7.5 g head. After the casting I knew it was good because the soft lure delicately caressed the bottom slowly leaded with jerking the tip of the rod. After the time when Bandit dived into deep hole I had a catch! After short trolling in the landing net I had nice female, measured 36.5cm. After short photo session, congratulations from my friends the trout came back into water.

I decided to stay in this place a little longer and catch lots of fish in my “ hole” with my lucky soft lure. It was a hit: after at least ten castings I had a catch, I jerk and the fish was in my net. The trout is 44 cm. As the one before it came back to its kingdom ( water ). As it turned out – you can catch trout even with soft lure, you do not have to obey the principles that when you want to catch trout you must do it with wobbler. You can also try soft lures. It is really great fun, but remember that when you lure the trout for being caught - take a photo with it and release the fish, because in Polish waters each trout is worth its weight in gold. If we behave like that, we will always be able to come back for adventure ant the meeting with our dotted friend. See you on trout trail.

Daniel Sikora