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Ireland - first trout!

15 February in Ireland we started the trout season on lakes. Despite cold water, the fish “are good”

During catching the biggest trout , which are called here : feroxs, the rods which are new for me, for catching with the method called Trolling Master Planer were perfect. Till last season I had been using traditional, long spinning rods and I had thought that they had been ideal…Now I know, that I was wrong!

Dragon trolling rods let perfectly control the big trout, which fights very dynamic. During trolling you can feel the equipment and so any of the trout have not unfastened during the fight, what happened during catching with traditional spinning rods. Those rods are made for fishing big salmon fish and you can see that this person who designed them knew exactly what he / she had been doing! The rods turned out to be really lucky and our first clients caught nice fish – 84 and 93 cm! (3 cm less from the biggest trout which has been caught on that fishing ground since 118 years!)

The smaller trout is easy to be caught too. The best of the season 5cm Phantom in the colour D – 36-911 on the V – Point head. To this kind of fishing we have been using Guide Select ( Bandit and Frisky) rods for years. Their resilience allows you to give in a very simple way aggressive action to our lures, what our trout like. The size of the fish which are caught in such way are usually 35 – 55 cm. during good, March day we can catch about 10 – 20 such fish. After a month when the water will be little wormer , we will catch even more , and the best scores will be even about 40 pieces. This is Ireland… the fisherman paradise!

Jacek Gorny