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Fishing for wild carp


Places, where carps like to live.I have already chosen the reservoir. Now I need to start sounding the fishery. If on a given basin I have access to boat or pontoon, so with a little help of a sounder I check seabed. Then I search for characteristic details, which can be found on the bottom of the reservoir. When I find such place I put marker there. Additionally I check the structure of a bottom. I try to find hard fragment.

Special rod for examining the bottom in action.Sounding from the bank.

When I do not have the possibility to use boat or pontoon I have to start sounding from the bank. To this purpose I use special “ Marker “ rod. It serves for examining the bottom using weight and specific marker. Like this with a little practice I can check what is the depth in the given place and what can be found on the bottom. It takes some time but the devil is in the details. After careful sounding of a place I am sure that the sets will be in proper place and will be well presented. In such place, it is only a matter of time when the fish will this welcomed trip.