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X-treme jig line – my first impressions

X-Treme Jig line is very interesting offer for the enthusiasts of perch and zander spinning with using various jig techniques. The first thing which differs them from other lines is special shade of red colour. It is perfectly visible, no matter the conditions and sun exposure. Under water it “ disappears “ very quickly with increase in depth.

Personally, I do not use braids when fishing for perch, I do not like to stiffen the equipment. Since many years I have been using the line and I cannot imagine changing it into the braid. Despite this I have always had a problem with finding the proper line, which will be able to meet my demands. Now, with clear conscience, I have to admit that I found the perfect one!

X-Treme Jig with the diameter of 0.18 mm and strength 2.9 kg I use with the medium perch set, together with Dragon Fishmaker 2.6 m, t.w. 3 – 18g rod and with Team Dragon 920 iz reel. For me, this is perfect combination.

First, I should mention the characteristic of the line. It is neither too soft nor too stiff. The producers achieved the perfect compromise. This kind of solution assures phenomenal contact of the angler with the lure, sensitivity of the rod, sure jerk and trolling. The line is perfectly arranged on the spool of the reel and its lack of tendency to deform enables long castings with relatively light lures. The usage of red colour is an excellent move which will be appreciated during first trip.

Reasumując Summing up,X-Treme Jig is perfect line for anglers, who similar to me, prefer lines in their perch sets. It is also perfect substitute for braid, especially when we use spinning method in negative temperatures, when the usage of the braid becomes not very comfortable or even impossible.

Despite the fact, that the producer designed theX-Treme Jig line for specific usage, it can be perfect when using different spinning techniques. Personally, I cannot wait when I will take my line to the opening of the trout season next year. I will write about the results for sure.

Piotr Czerwiński