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Fishmaker t.w. 3 – 18 on perch.

On Sunday I went to fish for perch with my close friend Robert and Waldemar Ptak from Dragon company. An opportunity arose to test the rods which I had not had in my hands before but I heard a lot of good things about it – Fishmaker spinning rod.

At the beginning I was a little afraid of this rod because when fishing for perch I do not use casting weight in this range, but considerably smaller. But the rod surprised me a lot, I even liked it very much as a rod for perch on lake. From several reasons.

I am impressed by the quality of workmanship. The grommets embedded equally, the frapping and varnish was set carefully. The bottom, for me a little too short ( Rafał is very tall ) , is perfect in hand so quickly accepted it.

This rod has nice casting adventages and during all the time of spinning ( even with the wind ) I had the impression that the rod casted for me, did all for me. Even with the smallest movement of my wrist it sent my beloved lures there where I wanted. What is the most important to me, the work of the blank is consistent.

On the fishery was the bad day for perch – they did not want to be caught . When I was at home, I regret a little that I had not caught nice perch. Now I do not regret at all! I realized and appreciated the fact, that all, really all the catches even the smallest perch were felt on the tip, on the blank ad bottom. The rod is very quick, with the tip action. It works perfectly with the connection with the braid. I really want to test this rod on Brda river.

Rafał Kowalski

About the author: Rafał intensively uses the spinning method, he takes part in spinning competitions, he fishes for perch in different fisheries. We run two photos out of many August perches which were caught on Brda riven using Dragon lures.
Waldek Ptak