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Predator in PRO version. - Kilka słów o przynętach


Few words about those lures

rozmiarówkaIf summer months are not in favour of fishing for some predators, which gear themselves up for “ big scoff”. I wonder what can happen during Autumn? Now few details. The first contact with those soft lures made great impression on me. VIPER shimmers intensively and during decent it perfectly reflects the light. The big advantage of the tail are lively, very energetic vibrations. The first thought – perfect soft lure for zanders.

rozmiaryWhat is important it is not disturbed by heavy 25 – 35 g jig heads. Similar as with VIPER , Reno Killer behaves in the water ever more phenomenally. Its incredibly sensitive work is gotten thanks to the usage of new silicone gel which reminds that one which is already well known and used in the best lures from the USA. When you add the number of new colours into that, we have the real arsenal which is available to every angler. The prices are more attractive than those offered by competitors. To sum up I will suggest a single thought: if we can fish for zanders in Vistula river during the middle of the sunny day and pikes measured 80 cm in 30 ◦C heat, so what will happen next, in the future? This question can stimulate our imagination. I want to leave you with this thought. I also want to encourage you to check the effectiveness of these lures on your autumn fisheries..

Jakub Babiak, Marcin Zacharek