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Predator in PRO version.


Since the moment when Dragon Reno Killers were launched on the market, we could observe a kind of turning point in spinning fishing. I can confidently say that that moment “ opened the water “ for many anglers, offering new ways and alternative for Mann and Relax lures.

A headache for the competitive producers, mentioned before, is the fact that they do not change a lot and do not try to find the new directions. This is , by no means, my opinion. Coming back to Reno Killers, unique work, what is the connection of wide inclination of the tail from the symmetrical line of the lure, strong twisting of the fine, even for the angle of 90 ⁰, and little shimmering of the abdomen part. All those features turned out to be the real worry for every predator – it cannot resist to the magic of the lure. If you add to that the rest of our “ arms “ , what are : HM 69 and Guide select rods, braids : red and fluo colours from the HM8X Forte or Guide 8X series, we have the equipment which is perfect and allows to fish everywhere and in all conditions.

Last year, during the presentation of new Dragon’s 2014 products I still had negative attitude towards the PRO lures because I had thought “ You can achieve even more “. Why do you need so many colours and variants? I think that that question was asked by many people who were in the hall. What occurred after some time? The optimistic attitude of the leader was justified and the answer to the question was quite easy: if introducing Reno Killer was a breakthrough, so introducing VIPER PRO, RK PRO and Phantom with new colours was “ a jump to hyperspace”.