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Company's cods


The expedition to hunt cods is an adventure. The endless landscape, unceasing waves, different scents, the variety of fish, and new acquaintances on board…It pays out going on cod fishing trips off the deck.

Organizer morski – bardzo przydatna i niedroga rzecz. Jeśli na pokładzie nie ma uchwytów na dolniki wędzisk, wtedy wędziska przypina się rzepem do organizera. Służy temu czarny pasek z rzepem widoczny w górnej części organizera. W kieszonce widać niebieskie kleszczyki Mustada, na zaczepach dragonowskie pilkery Tobiasz i Blade. Na koł. RAW II znakomita morska plecionka Guide Rainbow.Na dzień dobry Arkowi melduje się kur diabeł, dragonowski pilker Bora jest bardzo skuteczny.Łukasz prezentuje swój dublet.Dragon is not only a brand, trademark. It’s also the people, enthusiasts, the workers who love fishing and the ones who are keen to use the fishing gear of our company. This time was no different. The one-day trip to fish for cods was a spontaneous and quick decision. The haven of Darłówko, ship owner Mr. Sochoń, the fishing boat Pilot 55 – the choice wasn’t hard, because the boats of this shipmaster (Złota Rybka, Shanon, Pilot 55) support the Marine Staff PZW and the crew knows their job. On the late afternoon the four of us jumped into the car in Bydgoszcz: the sales department employee of the country - Łukasz Wojtczak, the export department manager – Piotr Malicki, the service manager – Arkadiusz Strzyżewski, and me, the marketing employee of the marketing department, angling specialist and photographer. The road was very good and Peter’s car handled it well. We were moving fast, made every turn and curve perfectly and avoided all the radar controls. Our quarters at the haven were very nice and comfy, nonetheless we got up sleepy. Well, the night conversations of the Poles…On the next day, after 6 o’clock in the morning, we found out that the ship’s crew is very nice, the other anglers friendly and the waves were between 1 and 2 SB, so it was calm but windless, just the right conditions to fish. It should be fun. The hero of our group turned out to be Łukasz. While approaching the hunting grounds, he made a big tribute to the gods. We asked our friend to wait with the luring of the cods until we get to the fishery. He kept his word. He bravely stood on his feet and assembled the angles by himself.

Dragon's cods equipment

Bohaterowie reportażu: Łukasz, Piotr, Arkadiusz. Ja, jako fotograf, musiałem stanąć po drugiej stronie obiektywu.Piotr był zadowolony z takiego wędkowania i chwilami zapominał, że ten kołowrotek dedykowany jest jerkującym spinningistom. Przy okazji dodam, że przekładnia i hamulce wytrzymały morskie przeciążenia. Ten multik można śmiało brać na duże szczupaki.We had plenty to choose from, because Dragon offers a big variety of gear to fish on the Baltic sea. I asked my colleagues to use the same rods, so all four of us took the white Boat Master model-I personally think they are well done and nice to handle, so I didn’t fear any excuses from my friends. As it turned out on deck, Arkadiusz also took a Millenium rod, but in the end he didn’t have an opportunity or even the willingness to use it.The Boat Master fishing rods that we had taken were: Jig t.w 40-200g, Tournament, Champion, Pilk c.w. 60-180g. Reels (also the spare ones): RAW II size 40 and 55 (3p.), Salina, Eclipz, Arctica, Rock HD (this was the one the service manager Arkadiusz was using) and for testing (at my request) the construction strengthened multiplier for heavy jerks Team Dragon Big Bait MF250iL (the younger brother of TD HS200iL) on Piotr’s angle. We were using braids, including the well-known and appreciated on the market sea braid Guide Rainbow, a bit more expensive and reliable Ultra 8x Nano and Nano Clear 8. Piotr decided to try out the new 2015 model braid made by Mustad. We were using swivels with safety-pins and safety-pins Spinn Lock (size 4 and 6) made by Dragon, leaders which we tied up with Invisible Fluorocarbon that is provided by Dragon and spare leader tackles. The fish has contact with the lure, that is why we decided to use fishing pilkers from Dragon and tags i in the form of rubber V-Lures like the Viper, Phantom or Jumper. In the middle of the day, for comparison, I put on 2 fishing tags imitating prawns produced by another company (that specializes in sea fishing), with the color and size recognized by the polish anglers. As it turned out at the summary, the V-Lures from Dragon not only did they took the place of the prawn-like ones, but also have shown better results. We were all using the attractors for cods from Dragon, the tongs from Mustad to unhook the fish, sea organizers, gloves, fleece jackets and thermo active underwear and also caps and bags for pilkers: cat. Number 91-17-002 and my favorite one for big lures 91-17-006..


There were loads of them, on a depth of 20-40m. We travelled to many posts with cods, which on that day were to be found more often at the bottom, than chasing in depths or above the bottom. The skipper had accurately judged the situation of the shoal and accordingly to that turned maneuvered the boat and left the post always at the right moment. On some posts we bumped into strong currents and fishing there wasn’t a piece of cake. But that’s the charm of Baltic hunting fisheries. Despite the those difficulties, my colleagues were consequently using rather lighter pilkers between 90 and 120g. I was changing between pilkers between 90 and 200g. Admittedly I had to stop angling quite often to take some photo’s, though I can compare mine and my colleagues results in fishing: with comparable success one can fish with heavier (150-200g) and lighter (90-120g) pilkers, however the hands do not hurt as much while using the lighter lures. I can be wrong, but Arkadiusz was the one who fished the most cods.

Po chwili Piotr łowi pięknego, nastroszonego diabła morskiego. Tym razem w akcji jest pilker Baltic i kołowrotek Team Dragon Big Bait MF250iL do jerków. Na kołowrotku plecionka Mustad, agrafka z krętlikiem Dragona wykonana ze szwedzkiej stali.Arkadiusz holuje kolejnego dorsza – przykładowe ugięcie wędziska Boat Master. Z tej wędki ryby nie spadają.Jeden z moich dorszy złowiony na przywieszkę imitującą krewetkę, prezentowany do zdjęcia przez Łukasza. W zestawie dwie przywieszki, pilker bez kotwicy pełni rolę obciążnika.Jeden z wielu dorszy Arka. W tle widać kołowrotek Rock HDJeden z mniejszych dorszy Łukasza złowiony na przywieszkę.

The Hero of the voyage

Łukasz did a good job on handling the fishing, line tangling because of strong drifts, a few sets tearing off, the rocking deck and a bad mood. Neptune did call for his sacrifice for two more times, and even then, Łukasz had a good fishing for his first time on the Baltic Sea. While fishing next to him, I haven’t heard a single complaint and he even patiently posed for the pictures. After disembarking the boat, he said that he was looking out to go fishing on a boat on the next possible time. Łukasz is a tough guy. The “spontaneous” fishing trip was a success when it comes to fishing and social relations. The gear turned out to be reliant in every little detail, giving us the chance to precise angling. We caught many fishes and that gave us a good time while fishing on the Baltic Sea. That is what I wish also to you.

Waldemar Ptak