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Company's cods


The expedition to hunt cods is an adventure. The endless landscape, unceasing waves, different scents, the variety of fish, and new acquaintances on board…It pays out going on cod fishing trips off the deck.

Organizer morski – bardzo przydatna i niedroga rzecz. Jeśli na pokładzie nie ma uchwytów na dolniki wędzisk, wtedy wędziska przypina się rzepem do organizera. Służy temu czarny pasek z rzepem widoczny w górnej części organizera. W kieszonce widać niebieskie kleszczyki Mustada, na zaczepach dragonowskie pilkery Tobiasz i Blade. Na koł. RAW II znakomita morska plecionka Guide Rainbow.Na dzień dobry Arkowi melduje się kur diabeł, dragonowski pilker Bora jest bardzo skuteczny.Łukasz prezentuje swój dublet.Dragon is not only a brand, trademark. It’s also the people, enthusiasts, the workers who love fishing and the ones who are keen to use the fishing gear of our company. This time was no different. The one-day trip to fish for cods was a spontaneous and quick decision. The haven of Darłówko, ship owner Mr. Sochoń, the fishing boat Pilot 55 – the choice wasn’t hard, because the boats of this shipmaster (Złota Rybka, Shanon, Pilot 55) support the Marine Staff PZW and the crew knows their job. On the late afternoon the four of us jumped into the car in Bydgoszcz: the sales department employee of the country - Łukasz Wojtczak, the export department manager – Piotr Malicki, the service manager – Arkadiusz Strzyżewski, and me, the marketing employee of the marketing department, angling specialist and photographer. The road was very good and Peter’s car handled it well. We were moving fast, made every turn and curve perfectly and avoided all the radar controls. Our quarters at the haven were very nice and comfy, nonetheless we got up sleepy. Well, the night conversations of the Poles…On the next day, after 6 o’clock in the morning, we found out that the ship’s crew is very nice, the other anglers friendly and the waves were between 1 and 2 SB, so it was calm but windless, just the right conditions to fish. It should be fun. The hero of our group turned out to be Łukasz. While approaching the hunting grounds, he made a big tribute to the gods. We asked our friend to wait with the luring of the cods until we get to the fishery. He kept his word. He bravely stood on his feet and assembled the angles by himself.