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Pikes on V-lures

This should have been a report about fishing pike by trolling from deep water, but the fish decided otherwise this time.

While moving towards the earlier planned fishing spots, on the echolocation device there were always popping up tremendous “bananas” and lots of little clouds of fish. There would have been nothing unusual to it, if most of the fish weren’t on a water level of 4-5 meters in places where the depth reached approximately 25 meters!

We quickly geared up 2 sets with big wobblers, which dived on such depths and one angle was set up with the biggest fluo-yellow demon. For the first bite we were waiting for about…30 seconds! The demon armed with a 25g head, dived below on 4-5 meters of depth and it was it, what attracted the first fish. He put up a fight that lasted for a couple of minutes and landed than in our boat. A beautiful one, measuring 107cm. After half an hour we had not a single strike on the wobblers, so I decided on changing the lures on the other rods to rubber ones. Apparently the more active fish were for some reason not attracted by the actions of the wobblers. And again we didn’t have to wait long for effects this time and big pikes landed in our boat 11 more times. The biggest catch of the day measured 110cm. All the fish were caught by trolling and lightly armed and biggest models from the series Demon, Lunatic and Fatty. As always the rods Okuma Black Rock and the reels Fishmaker had done a great job, despite of the doubt my guests had about the durability of the rods… After pulling out the biggest fish that day, one of my guests said that there was no pike in this world that this rod couldn’t handle.

Tomasz Kurman