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Dragon Specialist Pro Stream


An intense one-day Irish test

This year’s salmon season was one of the weakest in history-that’s what the local anglers claim. Heavy winter storms and a warm, dry summer have totally crossed my plan to fish for salmon. Throughout the whole of August and September the water level in the rivers was extremely low. There were practically no salmon or trout to be found, but the ones that were present and felt the calling of nature went upstream, but they were not keen to attack the lure.

The Change

Up until now I have been fishing for Irish salmonids with a rod length of 2.80, (t.w.) of 21g and max. force 12lb. This spinning rod worked perfectly on bigger rivers, but while fishing on lesser watercourses, it was far too long and unhandy. In August this year, my equipment included a Dragon Specialist Pro Stream fishing rod. A 2,45m and c.w. 5 0 25g rod fitted perfectly for the small expeditions I had undertaken to fish in small creeks packed with salmon and trout, which are in a radius of 50km from my location.