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Dragon HM-X Warrior - Predyspozycje


The Warrior is addressed to pike fishers. Especially those, who use medium jerks 10-12cm like the Salmo Slider. While fishing like this, we have a constant contact with the underwater plants. The angle needs to be tough, because not only will it be used to pull out fish, but also as a “lawn mower” for water vegetation. There simply is no time to untangle every pondweed we hook onto. With the angle I forcibly tear the „green stuff” off and fish along. A weak rod can easily break during such overweight, but not the Warrior…the HM handles such situations without any problems. Another aspect of this rod is its predisposition while casting. The Warrior sends its lure with pin point accuracy and with great steadiness, which is very important while fishing amongst reed. In such places the fish during the fight tend to hide amongst vegetation, but they don’t succeed while being hooked and trolled with the HM. The rod even, if rigid while leading the lure, during dragging it bends well and absorbs nicely the dashes of the pikes. In the 2014 season, I caught many beautiful pikes with that angle. My clients had also the chance to fish with this HM and they all decided on buying one of these for themselves. This rod works perfectly with medium jerks, rubber jerkbaits 15-20cm attached to small heads and big Ispinners. . Though I sometimes improvised with this rod and used the trolling method with a big 20cm Skinner.

For years I have been changing rods for such kind of fishing for pikes, but none of them lasted longer than a season. There was always something I didn’t like…ones where too weak, others too heavy or too long. The HM-X Warrior is the first fishing rod that doesn’t have those weaknesses and that it will stay by my side for a long time.

Jacek Gorny