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"Vertical" spinning


Fishing for favourite fish starts when planning the purchase of the fishing equipment – which will help on the fishery.

Zander from Odra RiverIn or fishing and weather conditions this activities are planned during winter season; by the way there is no choice because of the protection period for almost all fish species, especially zanders, pikes and catfish. I haven’ t mentioned those fish without purpose, because especially for them dragon prepared something new: Vertical spinning. The technique of presenting the lure in vertical way brings great effect, especially when fishing for zander - the most popular fish. By the way, I suggest not to confuse the forbidden technique, that is constant lifting and lowering with intention of “ jerking “ the fish with the technique of vertical presentation. Unfortunately, the regulation which concerns the anglers and vertical presentation is written cautiously and it brings confusion rather than possibility of fun from difficult and great technique of fishing. Let’s come back to rods, because they are perfect when using jig technics and classic spinning. I could meet these rods when fishing on the Odra river with Daro Mrongas. He is very good angler, kind and will answer your questions about Vertical. You can find him on facebook, you can also write to me, I will send him your questions.

Daro Mrongas swoje łowiska zna wybornie, z przyjemnością i skutecznie używał spinningu Vertical.

Okazję do zaznajomienia się z wędziskami miałem na Odrze, wędkując przez kilka dni z rzędu wraz z Daro Mrongasem. To dobry wędkarz, a przy tym życzliwy i chętnie odpowie na Wasze pytania dotyczące wędziska Vertical. Bez trudu znajdziecie Darka na Facebooku lub możecie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a ja przekażę pytania.


The Great 4: Daro, pike, Vertical spinning and V-LuresThe whole Vertical family ( 8 models) are shorts rods in casting and spinning versions. They will be available in shops in April. The will cost - more or less – 350- 390 zł. Among 8 rods you can find a real treasure, Vertical HD Jig 56, t.w. 21 – 56g - with lures from 10g. It is great spinning for anglers from the Odra, Wisła and Bug and for those who fish in the rivers which are deep and rich in fish . There is one feature of the rods which is very important: perfect for vertical fishing but will not disappoint those who like classic spinning. When you want to have “ something “ for predators it is worth to wait for the beginning of April to see Dragon’ s Vertical.

Waldemar Ptak