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Dragon's sea trout lures - Spoon lures


Spoon lures

We consequently sustain the offer of classic pattern, because…it is classic and the lures from this group are always effective. The precision of workmanship is important.


Perfectly matched thickness of the metal sheet, 15 colour versions, you really have a lot to choose. For spoon lure to be effective it is not enough to make it in a proper way, it should be lead in an attractive way for fish. It is angler’s job.The sea trout is offered in two thicknesses of the metal sheet ( 2 mm and 2.5 mm) weight 17 g and 22g. Retail price: 7 – 9 zł.

65-30-60165-27-501; 65-28-50165-29-30165-29-60165-30-001


OpakowanieInnovative spoon lure, incredibly effective on the sea and lake when fishing for sea trout and salmon. Its good side is the possibility of modeling its shape, because metal sheet is plastic and it subjects the fingers of anglers. It very easily adapts to the conditions on the fishery. The spoon lure works perfectly when presenting in one depth level. Narrow body and large mass ( to 25 g ) enable penetration of the deepest rivers. Madman is offered in such sizes ( size / weight ): “ 001 “ - 15g, “ 002” – 20g. “003” - 25 g. Retail price: 13 – 16 zł.


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