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Dragon's sea trout lures


Sea trout may be deep or shallow in the river. Nobody knows that, when comes fishing. It occurs during the “ action”, as experts say.

Our Pomeranians rivers offer us beautiful and attractive fisheries, you can be bored here. Angler can relax observing fantastic landscape. Coming back to the point, what to put into the end of a rod to catch a fish.

In our region many anglers produce lures by themselves and the effect of their work are offered during competitions. How much are they? I have to admit that they cost a lot. What an angler from the middle and the South of Poland should do? He can use Dragon’s lures which are available in all Polish shops with fishing equipment. Dragon offers the lures made by the best specialists in Poland. They are perfect for Polish rivers. You can fish in all the rivers in Poland and be satisfied with spinning effects.


They are very effective lures, used not very often, because they are more expensive than spoon lures. In our company price is at the decent level. They are made in the workshop of the best Polish craftsmen.