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Guide Pro Vision - Odporność, splot, układanie...


Resistance, thick weave, arrangement.

Guide Pro Vision according to the producer is made from thick weave what ensures great endurance, resistance against fatigue of the fabric. It has perfectly round section. Ever after cutting, you can not notice characteristic delamination. Thick weave is not the only adventage of Pro Vision. The line is perfect on the spool of the reel. Comparing it with another braids you can easily notice big difference. Dragon product leaves the competition far behind. The braid is not too stiff and too soft. The producer stroked the balance, at the same time assuring perfect sensitivity to the braid and ideal transmission of every stimulus on the hand of the angler. Guide Pro Vision is a line which is perfect for fishing with descent method. The braid has all the features to become an ideal supplement of spinning sets. It is great with jig method but we can also use it during classic leading another lures.

Moja sandaczowa wędka

I use it with zander set together with Dragon X – Treme Zander 35 rod, t.w. 10-35g and reel team Dragon 930iz - in my opinion it is perfect set not only for autumn dragonsJ Today I am sure that it is the first braid which I will be using and I cannot imagine that I can replace it with any other braid. I am very happy that I found my perfect one, the line is perfectly designed, described and what is more important, the product is great in action.

Piotr Czerwiński