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Vertical rod

The spring has brought the revival of nature, but also the closed season for most predator fish species. For a fanatical angler like myself, this is a lean period, but we don’t have to put aside the spinning rods, because there are so many alternatives, for example fishing for largemouth bass.

During this period I like to visit those waters that hold some of this great sport fish. Although I am not too familiar with this kind of fishing, I’ve managed to catch a few of them, even if the weather was not always kind to me. One of these occasions gave me an excellent opportunity to try the lighter baitcasting rod (casting weight 10-28 grams) of the new Vertical series. I really liked it for the first time. Really light and thin blank, short handle, which makes it more convenient for fishing, not to mention the minimal weight of the rod, which is not a negligible factor during a longer fishing day. I was chasing LMB-s with small plastic lures, casting next to cover, snags and reed. Here came another important feature of the rod into play. The small Low Rider guides that helped me a lot to cast more precisely to the optimal spots. The rod perfectly trasmitted the cautious bite of the first largemouth. Due to the quick action of the rod I could hook the bass, even if its mouth is rather bony and hard. During the rest of the fight the rod nicely cushioned the aggressive movements of the fish. I already like this rod very much, cannot wait to fish it for zanders in the near future!

Daniel Makai