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Team Dragon backpack

Colour refreshment of our Team Dragon bags and cases was a chance to take a look at eventual drawbacks of given bags and to remove them if there were any.

Team Dragon backpack has been a good choice for fisherman because of the fact that it is very capacious, comfortable, strong and nice. It is still like that in its new edition. It has got eight pockets, main compartment, inside which there is an additional pocket on the “ back” of the backpack ( you can put there a map, tablet, flat things etc.). On the left side of the hip belt you can find small, strong pocket which is closed with a pulled string, where you can put something flat. On the right side of the hip belt, there is a metal clip with a spring, to which you can fasten light pean or a clipper for a fishing line. The hip belt is very important in the backpack, because it helps weight distribution on the back and hips and it stabilizes the backpack - fisherman very often overcome obstacles in the field in diferent positions ( leaning heavily, on the knees, bouncing) and then the hip belt tightly holds the backpack on the body of the fisherman. The clip is made from high quality plastic. The main clip may be operated with fingers in gloves. When we finish marching or often take off the backpack , the hip belt may be folded and hidden in the pocket which is found in the back part of the backpack. All the belts which task is to stabilize the backpack may be adjusted. The same is with suspenders, which are lined with a foam underlay and non-slip mesh. At the fisherman chest high they are fastened with a belt with a buckle, which is another way that helps to stabilize the backpack and improves the usage compfort. The suspenders apart from perfect stiches which conect them with the backpack ,contain the conection with additional belts, which task is to maintain the weight and reinforce the suspenders - which also are adjustable. The reinforcements of the suspenders have very nice feature - belt for the suspender is stitched at several ponts, thanks to that in the free spacies you can fasten the clip ( for a landing net, glasses case, gloves etc.). The outside bottom of the backpack is made from strong, black fabric. This is what Sławek Kurzyński said about our backpack: At the turn of the year, during our trout battles, Waldek offered me to choose the new edition of the backpack which was being indroduced into the Dragon’s offer. “ Backpack is just a backpack, but Ok, I will try it:) I answered. The fabric inspired my confidence. It had to whitstand a lot, because I knew I would rub it on trees and twigs. I repacked everything from my old backpack - the new had some space left, what meant it was capacious. In new Team Dragon’s backpack there are more pockets so everything was on its position.

Nowość 2016Nowość 2016It was not all. I was really ompressed by that backpack at the moment when I put it on my shoulder. The stiff foam ot backpack’s “back” makes it really stable. Even when I had it on one shoulder it didn’t slide down.

Simply speaking - a noteworthy backpack, it is good to have it with you.

Waldemar Ptak