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CF - X CROSSFORCE - first attempt

Most of the days during the end of December have one name for me: river. Every free moment, even my holidays I spend spinning by the river. First frost always makes zanders, pikes and asps feed round the clock.

In the middle of December I got for my spinning tests novelity for 2016 - Dragon CF - X CROSSFORCE. Till the moment of writing this article it was many times with me on the fishery and that is why I can share my opinion. I trolled fish with this rod, I made many casts , efficient and empty jerks.

The rod is interestingly finished, it has got a foam butt with bulit - up VSS type handle, finished with a nut with moving foregrip made from light metal alloy. It is perfectly fitted to the palm and well transmits the signals from the blank, which is finished with nice matte burgundy lacquer - it looks stylish and elegant. The guides in frames, type “ K” in grey colour, were arranged on the blank in “K - R” concept, what makes the top of the blank to be less laden and the rod faster. The rod is quite fast , progrssively working during fighting with big fish, what makes the trolling much easier.

Personally I checked it with many lures, I wanted to check how it works. I fished from “2“ (5 cm) to “3.5“ (8.5 cm). The feeling of the lures is clear, I couldn’t feel any problems with raising the lure.


Spinning CF - X made a big impression on me, positive impression and I can recommend it with a clear conscience.

Rafał Reiter