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Lake perch

I work on the article about winter fishing for perch, that is why every free moment I spend by the lake trying to find the most interesting material. Every time when I prepare myself to write an article I feel a little bit stressed. You never know if this time you are be able to take nice photos, if the weather is good enough to use the maximum of free time or if the perch want to cooperrate. We all know how moody the fish are.

The perch, which are very moody, are also in some sense predictable and behave according to repeated patterns. When I wanted to check if it was “ that moment” and to take adventage of another, beautiful autumn weekend , I went to one of my favourite winter fisheries. Fish as always could be found in their December “ canteen”. Baits were weak and delicate at the beginning, but most of the “ fatties” I could catch, troll and what was the most importaint after short photo session realise.

The majority of fish could be found in the shallow water, hunting for smalls. We had beautiful autumn diring this winter - I wanted to say, what was interesting the fish really liked that saying, because they didn’t care about our human calendar , maybe that was why they stayed in their autumn positions. Apart from collecting the material for the article, for the first time I took new Ryobi Artcica 2000 reel. I have to admit that I become convinced with this construction very fast. Especially becasue of the fact that since long time for heavy trolling I have been using the same model, the only difference is the size, my is 4000. Smooth work, very nice line and braid and precise break are the adventages of Arctic.

I matched the reel with Dragon NanoLite 2.45 m t.w. 3.-14 g rod, which proved to be perfect ultralight. Its main adventages ( perfect, deep work during trolling, lightness, excellent ballance and ease of casting with really light lures ) earned it first place when it comes to my winter perch arsenal. If you want to know a bit more about winter, light spinning and the ways of working out cunning and unpredictible perch, I encourage you to follow Dragon on Facebook and to visit Dragon’s official website. I will try to unveil the veil of my secrecy to convince you that during winter time you don’t have to put your spinning tackle aside and wait for spring. But it soon.

Piotr Czerwiński