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Team Dragon Voyager Salmon - Na Sanie



I started with the San river in Bieszczady

The work of the set I checked during few trips for huchens to the river San in Bieszczady. I still haven’ t caught the queen of the San river , but these few trips let me test my new spinning set. For huchens in the San I used Dragon Nano Crystal 0.28 line, I put 135 on the reel. After correcting the beam by cutting out the washer reel, Raw II perfectly put the line on the spool. Early in the morning, December 4 me and my friend were standing on the bank of the river San. It was belowe zero, the water was steaming, we could see thick clouds over the river. The water chenged adter the sunrise. We could see barbells and common dace with graylings were trying to catch small insects. Water was alive like in the middle of the summmer. And then all of the sudden I felt the slight hit into 13 cm soft lure. I jerked and there it was. I shouted to my friend that finally I had the head on my rod. My friend fast run to me and helped with taking out the ...asp. Unfortunately my fisrts huchen turned out to be, big, autumn asp. After short photo shot , the asp was released into the river. After that I had another taking, unfortunately without happy ending. We changed our positions. After a while we noticed, huge, more than one metre fish, I was sure that it had to be big huchen. Meanwhile I took another fish, which was small, 60 cm pike.

Another trips to the river San

Since the end of 2015 I visited the river San several times, unfortunetely without any contact with the huches. I hope that the experience which I gained will help me during autumn 2016 to outsmart the copper husk queen of the San. After building the efficiently working fish pass at the hight of Przemyśl, the river clearly revived.