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Team Dragon Voyager Salmon


Autor z grudniowym boleniem złowionym w bieszczadzkim Sanie.Modern fisherman is very mobile. Very often his mean of transport to the fishery is not a car, train or bike but a plane. After three hours of flying from Poland you can be on every fishery in Europe.

This mobility brings some limits when it comes to fishermen. We cannot take 50 kg bag with our lures on the board of the plane - we can only take 15-20 kg. To take full - sized tube with our spinning rods we have to pay extra to the ticket.

Traveller’s version for stronger fish

I travel with low- cost airlines few times a year, that is why having universal spinning rod which I can easily put into my main luggage is a perfect solution for me. During my autumn - winter stay in Poland, I added Team Dragon Voyager Salmon and Okuma Raw II reel into my arsenal. Team Dragon Salmon is 2.90 m long and weights 256 g. It consists of 4 parts , with transport length 79 cm and t.w. 21-60g. Okuma Raw II reel is in size 55 it holds 200m of line 0.40 mm, it has the gear ratio reel 1:4:5 and weights 420 g. I have never used such heavy spinning set before, but it quickly turned out that despite it is quite big , TD Voyager Salmon and Okuma Raw II 55 set is well balanced and even intensive, several hours fishing with big lures is quite comfortable.