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MS - X for trouts

The trout season has started and I can meet my friends over the water. I really wanted to know the fisheries on the Brda river in Bory Tucholskie ( I really like such places ). That was the place where I met an interesting MicroSpecial series CXT spinning rod.

I called Waldek Ptak and I asked him to help me with my trip. That is how I could fish and explore charming places in Bory Tucholskie. During my phone conversation with Waldek I mentioned that I had rather short rods for trouts ( the Brda is wide and deep ). By the river during assempling the sets , Waldek showed me the rod which could be found in DRAGON’S offer for this season, MicroSpecial 2.44 cm, t.w. 3 - 18 g, the length of the bottom 23 cm, weight 107 g. My first impression and comment: “ Really nice, but are you sure that it is for trouts?”.

Observing it on the bank of the river , my first worries were about “ the short end “, and its ratio to the length of the rod. The length of the bottom is quite important for me when fishing for trouts, it provides freedom when casting in difficult conditions. This rod after adding the reel was really well - balanced. In quite difficult , overgrown sections of the river, castings “ from the wrist” were not a problem. The blank of the rod was perfect under the lures ( spinners nr 3; wobblers 6 - 7 cm, I used spinning line) and the castings were precise. Despite the fact that the rod seems to be sensitive it is quite fleshy which allows to hope to win the battle with big fish. The second element which made this rod to be one of my favourites was the handle of the reel. It is made from foam, what means that it is so called “ warm “. Its profiling is my greatest asset. I make the castings not from the pointing finger but from the thumb and that is why this shape is very helpful for me. The most important thing in fishing is functionality, but aesthetic qualities are also very important. The realization of this rod hits my tastes. Nice design . unpolished blank, without any glittering details makkes it a perfect trout rod.
To sum up, I can give the rod very good mark and I really recommend it.

Arek Maćkiewicz