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It bent the treble and I chose Frisky. Who was to blame?

New Year has different associations for each fisherman. One of them are looking for an ice to fish for perch. Another one ( like me ) are looking for salmons. I want to fish for them using multiplier. The winter is beautiful by the river, even without snow. Water is more mysterious than in summer. When we are just turists by the river, we donnot notice that its alive. But it is just an impression, because you can find fish in that river. Maybe big and visible, maybe even at the end of our rod…


Przekrój blanku wykonanego w technologii Super Tight WindI started with 25g

Exceptionally I will not write how to prepare yourself for trouts ( I wrote about it in my previous articles ). I will give you the hint how to prepare yourself for bull - trout, when you want to fish for them using casting method.

Once I went with my friends to fish for bull - trout. I was experienced when it comes to fishing using multiplie,r that is why I did not want to use another equipment on that fishery. The river was not big, that was why I decided to fish with quite light set ( spinning to 25 g ). I was fishing quite comfortably, of course. My trout lures ( Tiger nr 2 or Salmo Bulhead 6 spinners ) were perfectly flying. Leading was not a problem...I reached very nice position. The current was narrowing to 30 m under me and near my ban I could find a fallen tree. I stretched the braid and wobbler drifting slowly was approaching my bank. It swang the rod and I immediately jerked.


Unbended anchores - who was to blame?

I will not describe the towing, because something else is important here. After about 2 minutes of holding the fish I felt that the fishing line was loose. I rolled the line and it turned out that the anchores were bent. Analizying the situation I can assume that the rod did not amortize jerks of the fish. At certain moments the rod almost all was subjected to the fish. Without amortization it was difficult for anchors not to bent on the fish. At first moment I wanted to leave the place as a looser, but my friend had more cold blood ( despite the fact that he saw that action) and told me to fish again in that place. I changed the wobbler and during my first cast I felt the hit again. I jerked and I noticed that the fish was almost the same size as the one which I had been towing before. Unfortunately I was not strong enough. After a while it turned out why I was out of power - it was the same fish . It was an extraordinary luck. That time the towing was not long and without any surprises.

Guide Select Mutant Cast  (25-04-199)

Frisky and 80 cm.

Next day I came to my senses. I knew that I had to change my rod, because I would not be able to tow fish. Thanks God that I had Frisky Cast from Guide Select series in my arsenal. The multiplier was the same which I had the day before ( Helios ). I had to change my castings a little. The rod was a bit stronger, so consequently my castings had to be stronger too, especially when I could fell the light wind blowing from the other bank. After a few castings I could perfectly fell my new set in my hand. I wanted to check the places when yestaeday I had the contacts whit the fish. Unfortunately I found another fishermen. What could I do - I went further. I reached another nice position, it was interesting for fish and I had noticed it the day beore when I had told my friend that I had liked it. I used the wobbler which was at my home on the shelf for a long time and just before my leaving I just took it for fishing ( Executor 7 SDR with a blue ridge ). I put the lure as it was before, the only difference was the fact that across the river was a tree so I casted almost to the other bank and using the fan method I put the lure under the tree. Somewhere in the middle of the way I felt holding so I imidiately jerket and it all started… The fish was bigger than the day before, I could feel it on my rod. It was quite strong and was moving very fast. This time the rod amortized better than before. In this case as it turned out the fish was 10 cm bigger ( almost 80 cm) I did not have any problems with bent anchores. Imidiately, with the fish in my hands I came into the conclusion: too sensitive rod may be inadequate.
Guide Select Frisky proved to be a hit. When going to fish for bull - trout in 2016 I will try to have it in my arsenal. It is very good for fishing. When it is dirty in more severe conditions ( mud, dirt from the bark of the branches, the dirt from the molehill which anglers have on their hands, mucus of fish e.t.c and all the things frozen in the cold ) you can only rinse or scrape it and it’s clean. Utility above all.

See you next year.

Sławek Kurzyński
fot. Waldemar Ptak